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State of the Smith Dinner Table: 24 November 2022

So, as those of you who follow our social media know, there have been a lot of real-life events that have been happening to our cast and crew. The overall effect of them being that we had to put a pause on recording new episodes. I am happy to announce that those travails are just about past us. We have suffered a family member's traumatic death, a difficult pregnancy, a newly born family member, loss of job, sudden change of location, and a new day job. Lots of stress across multiple cast members, but all of us are pulling through these events.

On 16 November 2022, we resumed recording new episodes of "Quest of the Stone & Stars." We will resume recording "Tales from the Deadlands" in mid-December, and "Colony of the Damned: A Deadlands Lost Colony Tale" will also begin filming in earnest in December. We will also be announcing more "Hit Me with Your One Shot!" shows after the new year! Everything is beginning to look up for us once more!

We appreciate those who have asked about us, kept tabs on events, and of course, watched our shows! If you would like to help us out more, head over to our Patreon (KnightSmith Games is creating High quality actual play videos of our favorite Tabletop RPGs! | Patreon)! Also, check out our sponsor, Poppets Coffee (Home - Poppets Coffee)!

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