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Meet the Cast: Ryn

I, the Blogmonster, always hungry to get you the behind the scenes info, is back with the second member of Knights of the Smith Dinner Table’s newest production, Climate Control, a Reign of Winter actual play podcast. Today we’re gonna sit down and pick the brain of Ryn, and I promise to not actually pick the brain this time, recasting is hard apparently.

Welcome Ryn, glad to have you join our buffet of nerdiness. So how long have you been involved in the Tabletop RPG scene?

R: 33 years as of the the new year.

Another lifer selling their soul to the dice gods... I like it. So you must have played everything by now, which has been your favorite?

R: Pathfinder Second Edition is the most balanced and fluid system I have ever played.

Hey now, I don’t really want to discuss fluids, this is potentially a family show. Who knows how many parents put on KotSDT content to put their kids to sleep, and themselves. Stay on track Bloggy…

Fun thing about Climate Control is it’s a creator blender, let me tell you how disappointed I was that there wasn’t an actual blender when told about this project. So I’m sure you’ve got other projects, what are they?

R: or a collection of ttrpg enthusiasts playing a multitude of systems with a focus on Paizo's Pathfinder 2E.

Well now I’m hungry for rolls, maybe with a bit of cinnamon butter. I’m gonna have to go grab a snack after this… brains, blenders, rolls… so much food talk with a gaming interview. Do you do anything else besides game?

R: More gaming, I'm a simple man.

Well if you’re good at it, why worry about anything else. Which is why I get stuck interviewing you people, because I’m so personable. Speaking of persons, you’re playing who in Climate Control?

R: Tash Vorran, Human, Brawler (Shield Champion) and Varisian "I live where my feet take me" kind of lifestyle.

Tash is doing the slow walk away from the camera, the credits are starting to roll, what’s playing?

R: I haven't really thought about that at all. I think Tash would really like something like The Moonlight Sonata. So let's go with that.

Classic, refined, old as dirt… this is how we’ll remember Tash when he inevitably dies screaming because James is a murderous GM. Tell us more about Tash if you would.

R: Being a very simple, pushy and somewhat snarky type of man, Tash has spent most of his adult life meandering through life. His travels have taken him far from Varisia and his adventures or misadventures are even obscured to me. We'll see what leaps into my head during play. Just remember Witches and Runelords are the same thing.

But… they’re not, Runelords are wizards from an ancient society that froze themselves in plot armor, and witches are just people who like pets that give them spells from some unseen force… tangentially related as arcane casters at best.

Anyway... the story starts in a cozy town of Heldren in Taldor, why did Tash make his way there?

R: Random circumstance. He just ended up there.

Well wasn’t he just born a ramblin man… That’s all the time we got today, I’ve got to go eat before Ryn starts looking like a snack, and I get in trouble with the boss man again.

Make sure you go and listen to CLIMATE CONTROL wherever you may podcast!

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