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Meet the Cast: Zeb

Tis I, the ever present Blogmonster, and I have returned for part three of Knights of the Smith Dinner Table’s meet the cast for the newest actual play podcast Climate Control. Today we’re sitting down with Zeb.

Welcome to the program Zeb, I always lead off with soft, probing questions so I can learn just how to mock you, so let’s get started. How long have you been playing these games?

Z: 5 years or so

Half a decade of hallucinations with friends. In that time, what’s been your favorite system?

Z:Pathfinder 1e

That’s a good thing, since that’s what climate control is played under. It’s a solid system, all of the flexibility of 3.5 dNd but only half of the broken combos. Now this game brings various content creators from all over the interwebs to come together and enjoy it. So drop your deets so the people reading this know where to find more Zeb.

I DM the Dread Air stream for Fiend and Foil!


That is a lot of links, but I understand it. Gotta be everywhere to get eyes and ears on ya. So with all those spaces you must not have time for anything else. If you do get a moment what do you do?

Z: Video games, wargames, painting models, reading, and listening to music

The heroic array of nerdery interests, very nice. I tried to get into wargaming once, but they don’t pay me enough here. Frankly, between you and me, I don’t get paid at all… I was told summoned creatures aren’t covered under employees, they’re more interns, and that I could take this experience back to the pit for a better job later.

Back to you, and more importantly, Climate Control. Who are you bringing to the table?

Z: Archa, dwarven winter witch (endurance patron)

There’s some previously stated witch hunting going on, and I’m sure everyone will get along swimmingly, but if not, my money’s on you, promise.

Enough about you Zeb, I want to talk to Archa.

Welcome Archa, I’m gonna be nice to you. Witches get fun hexes, but I’d rather watch them in action from a distance. So why is Archa in Heldren?

A: I left the mountain halls of her forefathers due to my ever-increasing interest in the sunlit realms. Among the longshanks I learned of their herbalism, and took to it with ease. It was here that I was approached by a tall, thin woman, who asked me to mix her a poultice for her arthritis. I enthusiastically but amateur-ly mixed her poultice, but when I handed it over she revealed her true form. She was a norn, a weaver of fates, and she informed me that my 'gift' would be key in saving my greatest enemy, and my greatest friend. After that, when my apprenticeship was done, I moved to Heldren, a small village just a few miles away from my tutor.

A hard working dwarf, touched by fate, far from home, a classic. So what’s next on the agenda?

A: My goal is to figure out the 'gift' that the norn referenced.

I hope it isn’t a subscription to a fitness magazine, those are always terrible gifts to receive. Always makes you wonder, are they trying to subtly tell you to get in shape, or not so subtly, depending on the family. You know what makes a good gift…

Well I’m starting to get the evil eye from Archa, so that’s all the time we got for today. Be sure to listen to CLIMATE CONTROL wherever you may podcast.

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