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Meet the Cast: Luke

Once more I, your ever present Blogmonster, is back to introduce you to the cast of the latest Knights of the Smith Dinner Table production. Climate Control is a Reign of Winter actual play podcast brought to you throughout the pod-o-sphere. Last up is Luke, welcome to the show.

Before I get started twisting your answers, I should probably start asking some questions. Let’s jump in with the standard ice breaker, how long have you been doing the whole ttrpg thing?

L: 11 years

A decade in, long enough to have played a lot of different systems. What one’s been your favorite?


What a generically universal answer. Also a super fun system that can really be whatever you want it to be. Careful Luke, keep answering interesting things I might actually like you by the end of this.

So since this is a unique show that all the players are coming from various other projects across the interwebs, so what other things are you a part of?

Well that’s another foiler of fiends in the group. How much foil does it take to cover a fiend? Do you foil them to keep in moisture? So they don't over brown while roasting? Wait a second, I’m being told foil has more than one meaning… why is this language so damned confusing? I read read as read instead of read… and that sentence makes perfect sense.

Before I go on, what do you do besides gaming?

L: I work in radio broadcasting, so outside of gaming I'm being a personality in the community, the job really is a lifestyle.

Well since we’re all about networking, think there’s a spot for me? I feel like I have the face for radio. All you have to do is convince the boss to transfer my contract. Think about it, Luke and the morning BM could be a massive hit. Speaking of hits, who are you swinging with in Climate Control?

L: Lonan Furvus, Kellid Skald and worshipper of Iomadae.

What’s the low down on Lonan?

L: Lonan is the eldest of twin brothers in a small tribe up in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Their father poured all his resources into opportunities for diplomacy and leadership. His younger brother was publicly embarrassed regularly throughout their lives, but as they grew into adolescence, the younger twin had grown militant, and Lonan, the next in line to lead, was in the way of his conquest. The twin challenged Lonan to single combat for the right to lead, and Lonan chose to leave the tribe instead. He packed up and migrated south. He aspires to use the skills his father forced him to learn to inspire fighters on the battlefield, hoping to prove to himself that he's worthy to lead.

Started from the crown and now you’re in Heldren. Why Heldren of all places?

L: Heldren was just another stop on the way south, the snow is baffling this far south

Well maybe you and the rest of the gang can figure it out in CLIMATE CONTROL, coming to wherever you may podcast. Stay tuned for Luke and the morning BM coming to a radio station near you!

That’s it for the Meet the Cast, be sure to stay tuned for whatever is next from Knights of the Smith Dinner Table, and me, your loveable Blogmonster.

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