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Previously on LotRS: Season 1 Recap

Welcome Heroes and Haters to the Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints season 1 recap. Let me introduce myself, I am the Blogmonster Supreme. Summoned here to keep you entertained with my takes on what’s going on for the Knights of the Smith Dinner Table, KnightSmith Games, and maybe a random musing or eleven.

For those who want to catch up properly you can watch here or listen to it here. You may want to regardless, because this is a very truncated summary and doesn’t include all the banter, jokes, and curse words that you can experience.

NOTE: This is just one giant spoiler for book 1 of the Giantslayer Adventure Path. So read, watch, or listen at your own risk.

The scene opens on a festival for a little girl’s coming of age. Halgra of the Blackened Blades, Chief Defender of Trunau, presides over this… joyous?... affair. Giving a demo on how to successfully suicide yourself or others, rather than be captured by the orc horde neighbors. Once that’s done though there’s at least free booze and food.

The party starts with four strangers picked from a crowd to play a game of tug of war:

Boshander ‘Bash’ Hammerstone: Your stereotypical dwarven beat stick with an obsession for lazy hammer metaphors.

Thiddud Leadfoot: A dwarf alchemist who chose education over the forge.

Spike Lee: A cactus leshy druid, which is a decided oddity in this area. WARNING: Do not hug!

Wilkas Jones: A quiet, unassuming, and street savvy half-elf who has been wandering alone and broke.

The valiant four help the little girl win with massive feats of strength, and they become celebrities of the day. Getting a free room at the Ramblehouse, meeting Patrol Captains Rodrik and Kurst Grath, and each other. Copious amounts of celebration later, they walk, or stumble, to their complementary room. Spike and the halfling owner getting along about as well as cats and cactus in a sack… being shaken. Eventually they crash out for the night.

Waking up to a ruckus, they discover that Roderick is dead, seemingly by suicide, apparently he paid very close attention to Halgra. His brother, a titch overwhelmed, asks the group to do some research into it, because he feels it wasn't his brother to do such a thing. They readily agree, and hop to it, checking rooms while Spike interrogates the halfling.

Finding clues, fighting wolves and assassins, harassing the town guards for ineptitude, and interrogating people like they’re guilty... leads them to the assumption that he was killed, without the proof. The final clue from Roderick’s journal takes them to a local, and haunted, makeout spot… The Plague House (romantic right?)

Inside they find themselves faced by fiery ghosts, ravenous rats, and discover a deeper conspiracy when they find Roderick’s hope knife. Beneath the house things go south. A fight breaks out with an orc and a troll, with special guest shadow rats. The heroes prevail, but instead of having a prisoner to interrogate, they have bodies to loot, because Bash is very on brand. At least now they have a name of who’s calling the shots… Skreed. Who that is though is unknown

Back to town they share the good news, Rodrick was indeed murdered for meddling into the affairs of Skreed. It’s still a cold comfort to the grieving family and fiancee though as they prepare a traditional Trunauan funeral by pyre light. Words are shared, tears are shed, and as the pyre goes up an attack begins from inside and outside the walled town.

Once again the heroes are tasked to help. While the guards try to repeal the invaders they’re directed to light beacons, kill intruders, and direct townsfolk to the Longhouse. With enthusiasm they begin by diffusing a mob, with a combination of threats and common sense, deescalating a potentially bad situation for the grieving fiancee of Roderick, Brinya. In thanks she gives them the brunt Hopeknife from the pyre, which through some mystic phenomena is now magical.

Heading into the lower quarter to continue their mission, they discover a house ablaze. Rushing in heedless to rescue some townsfolk, Bash has to make a new exit through a wall to get at some orcs that showed up and are harassing Thid. Everyone gets out and is battling effectively when the house falls, and buries orcs... and Wilkas. He couldn’t get free due to smoke inhalation slowing his reflexes it seems… but there’s no time to mourn, people need saving.

Continuing to rescue the town, the survivors discover a massive human in the bar looking to get into the mix with this fight. We introduce Krado Ordo, a hulking brute with some anger management issues. With catapults launching fiery balls of doom the group continues to push on exhausted. Which ends up tragic, as Bash can’t push on anymore, and succumbs to the massive wounds he kept taking without pause.

Taking a minute to catch their breaths, the remaining few hear a screech of another person needing assistance. Battle weary, they meet Blizender ‘Bliz’ Moonbeam, a gnome sorcerer with the blood of a white dragon, and the attitude to match. The group bonds over defeating orcs, wave after wave of them, but the combination of might and magic seems to be unstoppable.

Well, until they run into the catapult… Krado does his best boulder impersonation, but even getting launched isn’t able to stop him. Battling through, surviving by luck and skill, mostly luck, they are able to take down the orcs’ pet giant. Finally discovering the true goal of this raid in an ancient cave.

Delving into the cave, they finally find Skreed, his friends, and the creatures guarding a tomb. Triumphing they discover Skreed was here for the giant’s treasures, which included half a geode shaped as a map, but he wasn’t in charge… someone else was pulling the strings.

They finally can collapse from exhaustion as the day is won. Trunau is safe once again. Wounds can be nursed, friends can be mourned, and the rebuilding process can begin.

See you all back for season 2 of The Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints.

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