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Meet the Cast: Mike

Sick of me yet?! I didn’t think so, who could hate the most lovable BlogMonster that ever did the clicky clacky of internet stuffages. We are back with the interviews of the cast of Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints. Sitting with me this time is Mike.

Welcome to the party, it’s nice to see the man who caused the game to switch to Pathfinder for Savage Worlds in the flesh. Without you running Saga of the Sun and Scale into the ground with your terrible GMing, you’d still be playing that. So how long have you been causing mayhem with math rocks?

M: Ummm… uhh… 28 years

That is a long time to be causing strife with your friends. I’m sure in that time you’ve played a few games, which is your favorite?

M: I’ll break it up by genre because there’s too many…Fantasy: Pathfinder 2e. Sci-Fi: Starfinder Super Heroes: Silver Age Sentinels Other: Deadlands in any variety is always fun. Honorable Mention: In Nomine... Angels and Demons in a modern setting

I said favorite, not a list of every game ever published… I’m the one paid to be wordy, you’re just here for soundbites. Keep that in mind when you tell me your favorite moment you’ve had in gaming?

M: Any time I’m running a game, and years later I hear “Remember that time when…” means I did my job to make a memorable experience

For good or for bad, I’m sure you hear a lot of those. So besides causing PC PTSD what do you do?

M: Working on some things to potentially publish (or at least some great homebrew content), chainmaille, rock tumbling, karaoke on occasion, and next level dadding.

Next level dadding? Who let you procre… I mean who did you play in Season 1?

M: Blizender Moonbeam, formally Boshander “Bash” Hammerstone (RIP)

Oh wow you did both, I would have never known. Those voices you do are masterful, and no one would know they’re played by the same person. So besides your vocal acumen, or lack thereof, what was your favorite moment in Season 1?

M: The house fire where Bash made a new door so everyone could get out faster and he could get to the fighting.

Didn’t that also help lead to the death of Wilkas? I digress, so you’re playing Bliz now, and if he had a theme song what would it be?

M: Ice Ice Baby - a cover by the Marty Ray Project

They should see if he games, a big guy with a beard who can actually sing, you could get back to that “next level dadding”. Enough about you, let me talk to Bliz. If I gotta close this out it might as well be with the Frosty the Cold Gnome.

So Bliz give me your insight on the events from Season 1, and what the few folks at home are gonna see in Season 2.

B: So I was minding my own business, when the orcs attacked. They really were beneath my notice until they involved me into their conflict, but here we are… so I took them down, with some help from my new friends. At the end it seems this whole thing was about getting a hammer (meh) and another half of a geode that seems to be a map. So now, I’m going to get the other half of the rock for my collection, and prove to this Grenseldek that they made a mistake coming after me.

Your altruism is astounding my friend. That’s all the time we have today. Check back next time for the last instalment of Meet the cast.

Coming in 2022 LEGEND OF THE RAMBLEHOUSE SAINTS Season 2. A Knights of the Smith Dinner Table production.

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