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Meet the Cast: Kristin

I, your humble BlogMonster, am back with the final installment of your Season 2 Meet the Cast interviews for those in the Legends of the Ramblehouse Saints. We have saved… the slowest for last, as it took a while to get my claws into our last cast member, Kristin.

Since you’re so busy you can’t make time to address the adoring 3 people who are going to read this, a.k.a the other cast members, we’ll make this quick so you can get back to doing whatever it is you do when not trying to get stuck playing the healer. How long have you been doing the healbot dodge?

K: 3 years

Another relatively new player to the scene! We love fresh meat here, especially when it’s not another stereotypical nerdy dude. So with less experience, comes some fresher eyes. In your time in what’s been your favorite system to play?

K: Pathfinder 2

That 3 action economy is delightful. What's been the favorite character you’ve gotten to sink your teeth into? Well more often than not the monsters are the one doing the sinking of teeth.

K: I played Kaz, a lizardfolk pirate. Didn’t do great at it, but had so much fun playing it


That was the Extinction Curse game? Or was that Saga of the Sun and Scale? Both are available on the Knights of the Smith Dinner table Youtube channel for those who want to go back and relive the moment. Enough about the PCs of deathmas past though, who are you representing in LotRS?

K: Spike Lee, a cactus Leshy druid

An adorable prick to be sure! So a unique, and had to be created for the system, ancestry. Maybe I’ll give the people the skinny on how they too can play a ‘free hugs’ Leshy in another post. Today is not that day though, so back to Spike Lee, not to be confused with the famous director, but if you were scoring your life’s film soundtrack, what’s Spike’s theme song?

K: The Batman theme song

Well that’s open to interpretation. Are we talking Adam West’s NaNa Batman Theme

Sweeping orchestral fanfare ala the movies and animated series

Or are we talking the guitar riff style from The Batman CW series

There’s too many options! So besides vague answers to specific questions, what else do you do for fun?

K: Hanging out with my dogos

That is so very illuminating, and informative. No wonder we didn’t do one of these for season 1. Speaking of season 1, there’s a lot of highlights, which moment was your favorite?

K: Not dying! :D

That is a good thing, and only 50% of all players in season 1 can say that as their favorite moment. He didn’t, but he could have, and surviving is half the battle, or whatever that marketing campaign said. Please don’t sue me coastal wizards overlords.

Ahem, back to you, well not you you, the other you. Let’s talk to Spike Lee.

We’ll finish strong and hear from the barb master herself. Spike, give us your experience from what’s happened, and what you’re looking forward to in the upcoming adventure.

K: I started my journey trying to prove my family's tale of my great grandfather being a master giant slayer. Here I am now, my new friends and I have taken on so much. I’ve learned I am much stronger than I look. Now that we’ve taken out so many enemies, I am looking forward to continuing on this adventure with my new friends. I’m hoping to find new monsters that I’ve never heard of and slaying them to add that to my own story to share once I return home.

Who’d have thought that the cactus was on the Venus flytrap path of bloodthirstiness? Thanks for dissuading all of my preconceived notions of a sweet little cactus leshy making her way in the world, and admitting you’re more the Final Fantasy 1000 needles style.

With that we are done with this, and I can stop talking to you people. Thanks for the time, and look forward to watching which of you are in the 50% of deaths in the upcoming season.

Coming in 2022 LEGEND OF THE RAMBLEHOUSE SAINTS Season 2. A Knights of the Smith Dinner Table production.

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