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Previously on LotRS: Onward Heroes!

Welcome Brawlers and Bystanders, tis I, The Blogmonster bringing you what you missed on Season 2 Episode 1, of the Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints. If you would like to watch and/or listen to your Giantslayer Book 2 spoilers another way check us out on Youtube, Spotify, or wherever you take your pods (except Apple).

We open the scene with a meeting of the minds, Halgra of the Blackened blades tasking the heroes with heading to Red Lake Fort, travelling on the Kestrel and Esk rivers, and taking the fight to Grenseldek. Halgra has provided transport through Raag Bloodtusk and his keelboat.

Everyone readily agrees, each for their own reasons: Bliz wants to get the other half of his geode, Thid wants to study more of the orcs and giants, Krado just seems to want to fight, and Spike… well Spike didn’t really give a reason, I think she’s just in it for her friends at this point.

The mute druid, Silvermane, tells them about the Council of Thorns, and their cache of magic in the Ghostlight Marsh in a demiplane called the Circle of Thorns. Bliz is excited about “respectfully looting” the cache, and they’re given the Ghost Light Lantern to light the way.

The party gets everything healed up and heads into town to get supplies, as this might be the last bit of civilization they see for a bit. One last night of sleep in their Ramblehouse room, and off to the ship. A rude awakening for Bliz as Raag informs the party they have to work. Spike jumps at the opportunity to soar and watches from the crow’s nest. Thid thinks cooking is as close to alchemy as anything and dives into the kitchen. Krado uses his bulk to row. While poor Bliz is left with fishing duty. Everyone excels at their tasks though, Krado a bit too good as the captain keeps having to adjust the wheel due to the pulling he’s causing.

Next day, Spike’s enthusiasm for climbing isn’t matched with her skill, and she gets shamed into rowing. Krado gets adjusted to being a part of the team and the ship is flowing smoothly, while Thid starts to make breakfast, due to the cook and Thid’s new bestfriend, Gashnack is sleeping it off. Bliz is back getting to work on the fishing nets, when the railing he’s using to help with the net gives way, and he crashes into the water… and of course there has to be big giant lizards waiting to make a snack out of the magical gnome.

Will Bliz live to tell the tale?

Will Spike survive the indignity of being banished below decks?

Will Thid discover hidden depths of flavor never before tasted by dwarf or orc?

Will Krado get his wish for double, extra long oars so he can go all out?

Discover this and more on the next episode of LEGEND OF THE RAMBLEHOUSE SAINTS

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