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Meet the Cast: Cori


I, your ever humble Blogmonster, am back with a new batch of victims… I mean cast members, who have sat down with me to talk about themselves, and their alter egos, for the new Knights of the Smith Dinner Table production of Climate Control, a Reign of Winter actual play podcast . Episode 1 available wherever you may podcast.

Let’s dive right into the thick of it with Cori. Welcome to the KotSDT family! I was told after I made a cast member cry in the last batch that I needed to be a kinder, gentler interviewer, so less Geraldo, and more Sally Jesse. So I’ve put away all my hard hitting questions about that time you did that thing you don’t want to have divulged, and instead you get these. Let’s lead off with the classic, how long have you been collecting math rocks and making excuses to use them?

C: I started with the Mayfair Games DC Heroes RPG in the mid 1990s before moving on to AD&D and then 3E. I've been playing Pathfinder since the first printing of the 1E Core Rulebook, mostly as a GM.

That’s a nifty break in. Most people get dragged into the abyss with the Gygax special, and then move onto other systems. So which has been your favorite to ply over the years?

C: Without a doubt Pathfinder first edition.

That’s a good thing since that’s what Reign of Winter was made for! It’s amazing to think that if the coastal wizards hadn’t pulled the magazines from Paizo under the march to the 4th crusade we might not have gotten the lore machine of Golarion.

Now the neat thing about Climate Control, it brings together content creators from all over, so what are you working on besides lending your talents to us?

C: You can find me on twitter at @corimarie21 where I will share whatever writing I'm doing at the time.

Everyone go to the blue bird app and click the thing! So what’ll the people expect to see on the Twittersphere?

C: I am a consummate nerd, but mostly my fandom is comics. I'm an editor and critic for Eisner Award winning Women Write About Comics and several other places around the internet.

Comics are a great medium, and I especially love the push to introduce new characters that don’t fit the 70s norm, while simultaneously making people’s heads explode. I could go on, but we’re here to talk Climate Control. Give us the rundown on who you’re playing?

C: Ionnia Menadian, female, human (Taldan), witch hunter slayer

Ionnia walks into a bar, slow motion intro, what song kicks on the jukebox?

C: Dragula by Rob Zombie

Well if that isn’t thematic for this adventure path I don’t what is, and I don’t mean the ditch digging. Enough about Cori, let’s meet Ionnia. Bring her on out!

Welcome to the show Ionnia. Why don’t you tell the folks at home a little bit about yourself, and how you came to be.

I: My life was ruined by a foul hag. A witch stole years from my family after mutilating my younger sister. Seeking revenge for a perceived slight against her, she put my mother and siblings into a deep slumber when my father did his best to protect me from the woman's threats. I blame myself for the calamities that befell my family, but I will find that hag and burn her to free my family from her cruel magicks.

We here at KotSDT understand just how bad those hags can be. So how did that quest lead you to Heldren?

I: My search for the witch led me to the Border Wood. I had thought I found her secret cottage, but alas the foul woman eludes me and had me kill her own daughter instead. My search continues, but for now, I have made my way to Heldren to drown my sorrows.

Nothing soothes the disappointment of killing the wrong person like copious amounts of booze. I look forward to hearing more about your murderous escapades! That’s all the time we got today folks, make sure to check out CLIMATE CONTROL for more of Ionnia’s witch hunt and check Twitter for all things Cori.

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