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Meet the Cast: Nick

I, the one and only BlogMonster, am back again to introduce you to the cast of the Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints. They are getting ready to settle down and get back into character to bring you the next chapter here soon, but until then let’s meet the meat for the grinder, I mean players.

Today we’re going to introduce you to one of the Knights of the Smith Dinner Table originals, Nick. Welcome to my chamber Nick, let’s get started with how long have you been using RPGs to escape the monotonous push of mortality?

N: 17 Years

That is a long time, so in those years you must have enjoyed a few different varieties of table top games, which way to distract from reality would you say your favorite is?

N: Star Wars: Saga Edition, but Deadlands Classic is a very near second

From a galaxy far, far away to the present, what would you say is your favorite moment you’ve had in the gaming sphere?

N: I founded a gaming club at my high school, which is still active today

That’s quite admirable! I almost like you Nick, and we can’t have that so let’s squash those feelings. Speaking of things getting squashed, didn’t your first character get crushed under a building in season 1… what was his name?

N: Wilkas Jones

That’s right, the groan joke named guy! So what you talkin ‘bout with your second character… What's his name?

N: Krado Ordo

So with Krado, if he were to walk into a bar, what song would be playing during the slow motion entrance scene?

N: Raining Blood by Slayer

Heartwarming song by a bunch of good boys, really dig their stuff. Besides gaming, what else does Nick do?

N: There's things other than gaming? I kid, I really enjoy bowling and laser tag, but haven't been able to much the past 2 years for obvious reasons.

Something’s been going on? I don’t keep track of current events. I’m sure no one wants to discuss that though… So, given your new characters apparent propensity for violence, what would you say your favorite moment from Season 1 was?

N: Probably the cave giant fight, where it ended with Bliz being the only one conscious.

That was a close one, I was really pulling for the giant, but alas we’re here ramping up production for season 2. Speaking of, what does Krado have planned for going forward?

N: Krado has always been a little bit of a troublemaker growing up, and he's looking to right some of those wrongs. He was a bit of a bully growing up, and he's looking to help those who can't help themselves, but his unbridled rage sometimes gets in the way..

The classic tale of redemption and violence. That’s all the time we have today, thanks for stopping by Nick, look forward to meeting your 3rd character!

Coming in 2022 LEGEND OF THE RAMBLEHOUSE SAINTS Season 2. A Knights of the Smith Dinner Table production.

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