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Meet the Cast: James

Tis I, the BlogMonster, summoned here to dish on all things of Knights of the Smith Dinner Table. Leading into the New Year I’m here to introduce you to the people behind the Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints.

First we’re going to lead off with the fearless leader, murderer of PCs, and the man that brought the group together, James, The Game Master.

Thanks for meeting with me, I know you’re busy plotting all the ways you’re going to commit PC-cide in Season 2. Just how long have you been killing people’s imaginary friends?

J: 36 years

That is a long time to be slaughtering your friends' hopes and dreams! How do you have any left?! Wait, don’t answer that, we’re trying to keep this family friendly. So instead, let’s find out in all those years of gaming, what’s been your favorite system?

J: Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic

That makes a lot of sense considering just how easy things can go wrong and explodify, literally, a group. So can you pin down for me your penultimate moment in gaming, that may or may not include dashing someone’s well played plans for character progression?

J: Waaaaay too many to list!

Well that’s insightful, descriptive, and considering you’re the one who summoned me here and glaring… the perfect answer. So what would you say your theme song would be as the Gamemaster of the Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints?

J: Burn MF by Five Finger Death Punch

Season 1 had plenty of moments talked about as moments to remember, which moment do you put up there as your top?

J: Launching Krado from the catapult.

It’s always fun to play a game of human catapult, less fun when they come back. So when you’re not playing RPGs be it for Knights of the Smith Dinner Table branded shows, or just for fun, what else do you like to do?

J: Hiking, Camping, CRPGs, and Board games

Well that sounds almost peaceful, which given the rest of this conversation is a nice change of pace. So with the looming Season 2, do you have any sneak peaks as to what we can expect from the rest of the Giantslayer adventure path turned Savage?

J: The Storm Tyrant shall rule all of Golarion!

Well that’s all the time we have for today, thanks for not sending me back to whence I came.

Coming in 2022 LEGEND OF THE RAMBLEHOUSE SAINTS Season 2. A Knights of the Smith Dinner Table production.

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