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Meet the Cast: Dustin

Guess who’s back?! No shades just your lovable BlogMonster back to show you a glimpse behind the curtain to those who are a part of the Knights of the Smith Dinner Table’s Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints. Today we’re sitting down with Dustin to learn a bit more about why he is the way he is.

Thanks for subjecting yourself to my interrogation willingly. I promise to be gentle, maybe. My first question is how long have you been pretending to be someone else for personal amusement?

D: 4 years? Maybe 3.

So relatively new to the scene compared to the old men of the group who have been doing this before electricity was invented. So with fresh eyes, what would you say your favorite system you’ve dabbled in would be?

D: Pathfinder 2e

There’s a lot of good coming from that one these days. What’s your favorite part of any game you’ve played?

D: Character creation really is my favorite part.

Well it’s a good thing you’re playing in the group you’re in, because the GMs of this group do not hesitate to murder a PC. You must get a lot of practice normally, but according to my notes you only had one character in season 1, that must be disappointing for you. Who did you manage to help survive through that nightmare?

D: Thiddud ‘Thid’ Leadfoot

Ah yes, the Dwarf Alchemist, I understand you all created that class for the system and it’s still a work in progress. Look forward to seeing how it evolves next season. So, if your character had a theme song what would it be?

D: I assume the Jeopardy music.

Well, that’s entertaining in the highest degree. Who would you choose to replace Alex Trebek if it were up to you? Oh… don’t answer that we’re running long and I have some other stock questions I have to ask, we’ll revisit if there’s time. What do you like to do besides gaming?

D: I enjoy video games as well, soccer is a passion too.

Soccer video games… got it. Now season 1 brought us all many memorable moments, which one was yours?

D: Thid attempted to help Krado during the endless waves of orcs pushing through the gate. As he got there Krado left him in the dust and Thid was in a tough spot.

Oh yea, that one was a nail biting cliffhanger ending to an episode. I was really hoping for some high initiative for the orcs, I wanted to see the 6 orcs 1 dwarf video hit the internets. Sadly… I mean fortunately, Thid managed to escape relatively unscathed. Speaking of Thid, lemme talk to him for moment.

Thiddud, thanks for joining me, give me your take on what’s happened.

T: I stopped at this town because I was told they were somewhat familiar with giants. I wanted to know more about them, get up close, examine and test different theories. Well that’s what I got. It was a sufficient town. I didn’t mind it. Lacked a good library, but that’s okay. But then the subject of my studies just walked up to the front door. It was like a dream come true but it quickly faded to a nightmare. I met some new people that were really nice. Not very smart but nice at least. But after the attacks I already had to say goodbye to them. They succumbed to their injuries in this siege that had happened. I couldn’t figure out how to save them. I analyzed their injuries and did the best I could with the resources at hand. It still wasn’t enough. One was a fellow dwarf. That hurt. I didn’t show it because dwarves don’t cry, but it really hurt.

Ok… there’s a lot to unpack there, what about the road ahead?

T: Now the head lady of this town is giving us a chance to save these people once and for all. Which is conveniently giving me a chance to possibly study more giants. Our next chapter seems to be taking us up river on a vessel. I haven’t sailed a whole lot but I am hoping to learn a thing or two about it. I’m really trying to learn how to talk to people…you know the “right way” but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m hoping that this will give me a chance to study people a little more and see what makes them tick. Learning about giants and learning about people is what I need to do. How? I’m not sure yet. But we have a good group of people. Though some are a bit dense they seem nice. No one has made fun of me yet so I will take it as a win. I really want to finish this voyage for Bash and for Wilkas.

Sorry Dustin, we can discuss jeopardy and FIFA 22 another day it seems. That dwarf doesn’t breathe once you give him an opening to talk and ate up all our time.

Coming in 2022 LEGEND OF THE RAMBLEHOUSE SAINTS Season 2. A Knights of the Smith Dinner Table production.

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