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Merry Critmas!! Here's your gift from us!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

So in Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints, Thiddud Leadfoot plays an Alchemist. Which is not a class included in the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, we homebrewed our own Class Edge, and decided to share it with you wonderful people.

Class Edge: Alchemist

Requirements: Novice, Smarts D6+, Science D6+

Whether secreted away in a smoky basement laboratory or gleefully experimenting in a well-respected school of magic, the alchemist is often regarded as being just as unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous as the concoctions he brews. While some creators of alchemical items content themselves with sedentary lives as merchants, providing tindertwigs and smokesticks, the true alchemist answers a deeper calling. Rather than cast magic like a spellcaster, the alchemist captures his own magic potential within liquids and extracts he creates, infusing his chemicals with virulent power to grant him impressive skill with poisons, explosives, and all manner of self-transformative magic.

  • Arcane Background (Alchemist): A Hero who takes this Edge gains 15 Power Points, the bomb power, and two other starting powers (see list below, highlighted are available at Novice rank.) All powers must be placed into a Concoction. Science is the Alchemist's arcane skill

-Available Powers: Arcane Protection, Blast, Bomb(see below), Boost/Lower Trait, Darksight, Disguise, Drain Power Points, Entangle, Farsight, Fly, Growth/Shrink, Healing, Intangibility, Invisibility, Light, Protection, Relief, Shape Change, Sloth/Speed, Slumber, Speak Language, Stun, Wall Walker

  • Armor Restriction (Light): Bulky armor interferes with the creation of concoctions on the fly. As such, they subtract 4 from Agility and Agility-based skill rolls when wearing medium or heavy armor, or using medium or heavy shields.

  • Alchemy: Alchemists gain the Alchemy Edge, which works just like the Artificer but only in relation to making their concoctions, which consist of Potions, Bombs, Oils, and other consumable type magic items. These must be made following the Potion rules on page 213 of the SW Pathfinder Core Rulebook (SWPF CRB). An Alchemist may take Artificer as normal as well.

  • Throw Anything: Alchemists learn how to throw their concoctions quickly. They start with a d6 in Athletics.

  • New Power: Bomb

Rank: Novice

Power Points: 1

Range: Smarts

Duration: Instant

School: Evocation

Trappings: Fire, ice, explosive, acidic, etc.

Bomb sends a combustible concoction at one’s foes, exploding in a Small Blast Template. If the roll to cast the spell fails, use the deviation rules for thrown items (Pg 129 SWPF CRB)

The damage of the bomb is 2d6, or 3d6 with a raise.


⬛DAMAGE (+2): The bomb causes 3d6 damage (4d6 with a raise).

★BIGGER BOMB(+1/+2): The bomb is a Medium blast template (+1) or a Large Blast Template (+2)

★GREATER BOMB (+4): The bomb causes 4d6 damage (5d6 with a raise) and is considered a Heavy Weapon.

★FAST BOMBS (+2): The bomb attack is made at Rate of Fire 2.


REQUIREMENTS: Seasoned, Alchemist

The Alchemist is a master of their own physiology. They gain boost/lower if they don’t already have it. When casting boost on themselves only, the duration is one hour, and the ability costs 1 power point less. You may only have one Mutagen boosted trait at a time, additional uses of Mutagen ends the previous effect.


REQUIREMENTS: Veteran, Alchemist

The Alchemist is a master of concoctions. They gain the ability to instantly (1 action in combat, per item) create a number of Alchemical Items or Potions. This is done with a separate power point pool that is equal to the number of advances the Alchemist has, and a successful Science check per item. These power points are only able to be used on Potions or alchemical items. They may not dip into this pool for normal casting.

Alchemical items are 1 power point each. Potions are made by spending the power points as per normal for Infernal Devices. Once spent, these power points do not return until after the item is used and then the Alchemist is able to rest to recover Power Points as normal.


REQUIREMENTS: Heroic, Alchemist

True understanding of alchemy comes with practice and experience. Alchemists who take this Edge gain access to all their powers’ Epic Power Modifiers (see Powers in Chapter Five SWPF CRB).

There you have it! Let us know what you think!


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