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The Savage Snows

A Reign of Winter Actual Play

Our first, continuing actual play live stream! Coming July 3rd!

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Tales from the Deadlands

Adventures in the Weird West

A posse of heroes must help to save the West from all of its evil weirdness! Click on the image above for more info!

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Quest of the Stone & Stars

A new team of Heroes is brought together by pure happenstance! Starring Mike Lawson as the Gamemaster, Danielle McPherson as Amarille Elmaer, James Smith as Haven, Dustin Stephenson as Professor Finswick, and introducing Cece Schutzman as Tuli!

Colony of the Damned.png

Colony of the Damned

Four colonists with checkered pasts find themselves suddenly embroiled in adventure and intrigue. Starring Danielle McPherson as Lucia Worsh, Harley Smith as Josie Russell, Mike Lawson as "Mongo," and Nick Wuebben as Haruto Worsh! Coming March 25th!


Knights of the Smith Dinner Table

TTRPG Enthusiasts and Content Creators!

Welcome to the official website of Knights of the Smith Dinner Table. We are a group of family and friends who love tabletop role-playing games!  We create Actual Play Videos and Podcasts!

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About KnightSmith Games, LLC

A group decades in the making...

Our Game Master, James, began playing the OG TTRPG way back in 1985!  Since then, he has gathered an amazing group of friends, family, and others to bring you some amazing content in the form of Actual Play Videos and Podcasts.

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