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Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints

A Giantslayer Adventure

This show is played using the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Rules and the Giantslayer Adventure Path! Click on the image above for more info!

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Tales from the Deadlands

Adventures in the Weird West

A posse of heroes must help to save the West from all of its evil weirdness! Click on the image above for more info!


Knights of the Smith Dinner Table

TTRPG Enthusiasts and Content Creators!

Welcome to the official website of Knights of the Smith Dinner Table. We are a group of family and friends who love tabletop role-playing games!  We create Actual Play Videos and Podcasts!


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About KnightSmith Games, LLC

A group decades in the making...

Our Game Master, James, began playing the OG TTRPG way back in 1985!  Since then, he has gathered an amazing group of friends, family, and others to bring you some amazing content in the form of Actual Play Videos and Podcasts.